Hello! I'm Simon Wojcik, writer, entrepreneur and photographer

I specialize in nature, landscape and close-up photography. More information about my activities you will find on this website. Fell free to browse it through.

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A little about me

My name is Simon Wójcik. As far as my professional career is concerned, for years I have been successfully combining environmental research with nature photography and passion for writing. Photographic knowledge which I have gained in recent years was associated largely with testing interesting, often non-standard equipment. The pictures presented on this website are the result of hundreds of field expeditions, as well as application of various types of equipment, ranging from full-frame SLR cameras to digital cameras worth barely more than a dozen dollars.

Feel free to see through my website www.simonwojcikphotography.com, where you can learn also about other photographic subjects that I am fond of, such as workshops, tours and books, that are about to be published. I also invite you to follow my Facebook page and my gallery at 500px.com. See you at the workshops and tours!

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Nature, macro, landscape and architecture photography

Photo workshops and tours

Nature and macrophotography workshops, heritage photo tours

Books and publications

Publications about photography


Here you will find latest news about my activity, publications, planned workshops, tours and relations from those that has already taken place


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