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My name is Simon Wójcik. As far as my professional career is concerned, for years I have been successfully combining environmental research with nature photography. For over 10 years I have been conducting field observations with a focus on birds, rare plants and animals, as well as valuable natural habitats. For many years I worked in NGOs, focusing on the protection of nature and its photographic documentation. For nearly five years I led a leading company conducting environmental research for the purpose of wind power plants, road projects and modernization of buildings. I combine passion for photography with passion for writing. My photographs have been included in over 100 popular science articles and several books. As of recently, I have authored 10 chapters (areas) for an English-language guidebook on birds in Poland titled "Birding in Poland".

That was briefly about me in terms of my career path. Although I could write a lot more, let us focus on the aspect of photography. Photographic knowledge which I have gained in recent years was associated largely with testing interesting, often non-standard equipment. I have been gathering it while writing a book about the techniques used in close-up photography and macrophotography, on which work is still in progress. The pictures presented on this website are the result of hundreds of field expeditions, as well as application of various types of equipment, ranging from full-frame SLR cameras to digital cameras worth barely more than a dozen dollars.

Feel free to see through my website www.simonwojcikphotography.com, where you can learn also about other photographic subjects that I am fond of, such as workshops, tours and books, that are about to be published. I also invite you to follow my Facebook page and my gallery at 500px.com. See you at the workshops and tours!

A few words about photographs

A rich database of photographs offers plenty of opportunities to create different types of content. Books, or any other kind of publications, provide some of the many possibilities of using an interesting set of frames in a given topic.
I encourage you to regularly visit my website. Soon it will feature photography e-books, which are almost ready for publishing.

Get to know my works

In the case of photography workshops, original themes and an opportunity to gain a lot of practical knowledge should suffice to convince you to participate.

Rich database of high quality photographs, interesting shots and their diversity - these are the strong points I would like to stress to encourage companies and institutions to consider working with me.

There is also a possibility of crafting a new database of photographs on commission depending on the required subject.


Nature, macro, landscape and architecture photography

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Nature and macrophotography workshops, heritage photo tours


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