The perfect season for birdwatchers has already begun. In April and May many places in Poland like Biebrza Marshes is visited by nature lovers.

In you are interested in discovering the beauty of nature, see ca. 200 bird species within a few days, go and visit my website

Below you will find a shortened list of tours. Description and prices at

  1. Overnight calling – in quest of Corn crake, Grasshopper Warbler, Nightingale, River Warbler, Quail within the city limits – 1-day evening workshops
  2. Uniqueness at your fingertips – Corn crake, Woodpeckers (Black, Greyheaded, Green, Middle Spotted, Great Spotted, Syrian) – 1-day workshops within the city limits
  3. A breath of former wilderness – an expedition to Niepołomice Forest – 1-day workshops
  4. Cracow’s nature – rare species of fauna and flora, places with intriguing nature – 1-day workshops
  5. Biebrza and Białowieża – birds’ paradise – 6-day expedition
  6. Zator Fish Ponds – birds’ paradise – 1-day expedition (50 km west from Cracow)
  7. 200 species of birds in 10 days – Polish nature in a nutshell – 10-day expedition
  8. Wolves, bears, eagles and Corn crakes – 7-day expedition to polish mountains