Sacred photography e-book

Another important subject, present in a lot of shots that can be found on my website, is the photography of places and objects of religious worship. Contrary to appearances, religious buildings and their surroundings are a popular topic of many photo galleries and publications.
I decided to go a step further and attempt to bring together most of the issues related to religious themes. And the issues are truly numerous - from landscape composition with small architecture, through interior photographs and horizontal and vertical panoramas, to all sorts of other creative photographic solutions. Many of these images can be found in the Gallery under the sacred landscape tab.


To sum up the whole "project", over the past two years I have visited nearly a thousand places and objects of worship in 4 different countries. I selected more than 300 most interesting photographs, which will be distributed over a total of nearly 200 pages of the upcoming e-book. A seemingly simple issue has grown to a considerable size, but the search for new shots and issues turned out to be an interesting training in photography. I hope that this publication will prove useful and entertaining for you as well. Feel free to follow my Facebook page where you can find information about the release of the e-book. My blog located at will most likely feature a small extract from the book. The English version of the e-book should be released in August 2016.

Macro and close-up photography e-book

As can be easily guessed after seeing the gallery, the predominant theme of my photos is nature photography and macro photography. For many years I had practiced it with the primary principle of documenting certain phenomena or species that I used later in my publications. For some time, however, my focus has shifted to a search for interesting scenes, unusual background, primarily with the use of various types of equipment.


The second of the books which I would like to share with you will concern advice about the application of various kinds of equipment suitable for close-up and macro photography.
It should be finished by the end of 2016. However, numerous extracts will also be published on my blog at

Free ebook - How to photograph spiders

All enthusiasts of nature photography are encouraged to download the free e-book entitled "How to photograph spiders." The book will contain a lot of interesting information about nature photography and above all, about technical issues related to shooting arachnids.
The e-book will soon be downloadable at