My offer includes two kinds of tours:

Recently I am concentrated on the latter one, let alone photo workshops, described in neighboring subpage. Both tours and workshops are guided in English and German.

I am the author and guide to 3 original photo tours:

  1. The unusual world of temples, roadside shrines and solitary crosses – the 3 and 8 – day photo tours (Poland)

These workshops are the first and only offer of this kind in the midst of photographic courses offered online. These workshops combine the art of photographing landscapes, architecture and all other aspects of photographic art that make up the photographs of forgotten historical places and objects. Tours take place in southern Poland.

  1. Jewish heritage – 8 – day photo tour (Poland)

The program of the „Jewish Heritage” workshop is unique in many respects. Firstly, it combines a large dose of history and sightseeing with photographic knowledge. No travel agency will give you the opportunity to visit so many interesting places connected with the culture of Polish Jews and learn to recognize the artistry, beauty of these places through the camera viewfinder.

These workshops will provide you with knowledge of ancient Jewish culture and creative techniques of photographing monuments and landscape.

  1. The magic of Moravian fields – 4 –day photo tour (Czech Republic)

Moravia is a region in south-eastern Czech Republic primarily known for wine-growing, and thus for exquisite wine. It is equally interesting in terms of tourism and history. In recent years it has also become popular among photographers as a great place for landscape photography, which, however, is somewhat different from the traditional form, known from any other region in the world. Vast spaces, lonely roadside shrines and fields undulating as far as the eyes can see continuously attract photographers from all over Europe.

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