Shooting photos of insects for numerous reasons is one of the most interesting photographic genres. Vast diversity of colors and shapes makes the quest for shots of new species relatively easy. Quite often shooting on a simple roadside glade would consume hours and satisfy our photographic tastes entirely such is the diversity of species. Thirdly, equipment limitations do not matter here at all. As hard as it may be to believe, a lot of photos in the gallery were taken with an equipment worth no more than a dozen dollars. My main focus in insect photography is to create shots with the use of M42 lenses with which you can obtain an extraordinary and unusual background. I do not refrain from ordinary shots with magnification ratio of 1:1, but these are the close up shots of insects that are the main subject of most of my current photographic expeditions. Please visit also Magical Macro, where you can find more photos shot with he use of old manual focus lenses.